On site service

We really want to be your partner in Andalusia. Those you can always call when something needs to be taken care of – big or small. We are present and can easily handle tasks such as watering plants, cleaning the pool, pick up packages, keeps guests with the authorities, to make sure that the holiday home is cleaned, etc.

Our expertise counter all kinds of crafts, rental of tools and advice related to crafts and design. If we can not fix it, we can probably point you in the direction where the solution is found. Just ask, we will be glad to help.

Aeropuerto de Malaga

On site service

Receive guests at the airport

Register guests of the Junta de Andalusia

Receive items sent to your home

Cleaning the housing

Water flowers, trim the hedge

Cleaning and preparing the swimming pool

Preparing summer furniture

Acute help by burglary, fire or other accidents

Acute help by flood, storm, storm

Help with relocation, cleanup

Downloadable items in IKEA, etc.

Tour Guide on excursions

Tour Guide hiking

Pick up and bring things

Driver for all purposes


We speak Danish, English, German and Spanish

We always do what we promise

We’re going on time and deliver the agreed

We are available around the clock, seven days a week


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