Architect and technical assistance on the Costa del Sol

If you wish to build a new house on a plot, or renovate an existing home, then a Project is requested and could be divided into different phases depending on the needs. What we need to end up with is the required Building Licences from the Town Hall, which is obligatory by law, and if not: can be heavily fined and the jobs immediately stopped.  Before you start you also need Permission from the Community and the Administration.  You need this to protect yourself from any surprises, work stop from the police or a high economical fine for going against the rules.


Pre-project:  (Ante-proyecto)

  • A brainstorm of your needs
  • Drawings, pictures and 3D models of your ideas
  • Plans that are first drafts :Interior Exterior, Plot layout
  • Specification materials
  • Plot delimitation and legalized area towards Town Hall

Project  (Projecto Básico)

  • Once the above is settled down, all info can be worked into more details
  • Plans: interior, exterior, plot. gardens, walls

Construction Project  (Projecto de Ejecución)

  • Project to be presented in order to build the house
  • Detailed specification
  • Calculations (technical, structure)
  • Detailed plans (Structure, plumbing , electricity, carpentry in between others)

Demolition Project  (Projecto de Demolición)

  • Of existing house or parts that are requested. Will be done in coordination with Building Licence application and previous validation confirmation.


Architecture,  Technical Team and Construction

The following cases could be applied:

  • Interest of purchasing a plot with the final goal to build on it
  • An existing plot with an old house on it, that needs a demolition or a major change

Advantages of using Canillas Construction:

  • Costs: Lower as all is in house and do not subcontract nor quoted to market price.
  • Payments: By realistic certification.
  • Coordination: Avoid the classical blame, lack of interest and not team work approach.
  • Protection: A honest and reliable team, all have the same goal
  • Technical: Architect supervise work, during the project creation & construction phase.
  • 3D Drawings: Immediate response to questions, updates, changes to original layout 
  • Duplicates: Less subcontracted: lower final costs.

We offer a controlled Project Management which means On Time, On Budget, with the requested Materials and Quality. All with long term Guarantees


The plot needs to be analyzed, no matter if there is something built on or if it is a new empty plot.  The approach is different depending on the case, but needs to be analyzed in order to avoid future surprises.  This is recommendable before purchasing.

Architecture & Project creation:

Our architect with his well experienced Technical team, can deliver any requested service we would need during the planning and construction. We can prepare a legalized project with presentation and approval from the Architects school and finally presented to the Authorities in order to obtain the required Building Licence:

Project creation:

  • Pre-project:  (Ante-proyecto)
  • Project  (Projecto Básico)
  • Construction Project  (Projecto de Ejecución)
  • Demolition Project  (Projecto de Demolición)

We can help you with the Interior Design as well as make all 3D drawings that would help you understand better and transmit the abstract into an optical almost tangible project. 


Now the construction can be appointed and we can offer the best qualified workmanship:

  • Legal company and services, we offer transparency
  • Innovative approach
  • Special projects gives us a goal
  • Long term experience in construction and renovating
  • North European approach and services

Want to build or renovate on Costa del Sol?

We surely can help you

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