Rental Tools & Machines

Rent everything for building and do-it-yourself projects. Top professional equipment which we use in our everyday lives. We are Andalusia’s leading rental company for tools. We are affordable, provide free professional guidance, and offer home delivery.


Grinder, 125 mm, Makita
Makita angle grinder. Small and handy machine for simple tasks. Strong motor of 720 W with high capacity. Very slim construction shape and light weight for easy handling. Grip can be mounted in two positionsContact rent department

rent-vinkelsliber-230mmGrinder, 230 mm, Makita
Makita angle grinder. Robust and high output of 2200 watts. Soft start. Anti-restart function. Grip can be mounted in three positions. Power consumption 2200w. Weight 5.8 kg- Contact rent department

rent-stiksavJigsaw, 220 v. Bosch
Bosch jigsaw, ergonomic, precise and powerful jigsaw throughout 1010 watts. Easy to work with. Cuts wood and wood composite materials up to 150 mm, metal and metal alloys, plastics. Quick Change of blade without tools Contact rent department

Reciprocating saw, Makita
Strong reciprocating saw with powerful motor of 1,010 W. The anti-vibration system, makes it comfortable to work with. Quick change of blades without tools. Suitable for wood, metal and concrete work. Stroke 28 mm. Adjustable guide shoes and blade change without tools. Weight 3.2 kg. Contact rent department

rent-boremaskine-makita-batteriImpact Drilling screw machine, Makita 18V
Great machine. Less power consumption& longer life. Delivered with 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery and 230V fast charger. Only 20 minutes for full charge – Contact rent department

rent-boremaskine-makita-elDrilling and mixer, Makita
A high performance drilling and mixer with 360-degree rotating D-handle. This allows for 24 different position settings. Versatile both for drilling and stir tasks such as painting and mortar. 750 Watt. Capacity in steel / wood: 13/36 mm Contact rent department

rent-kapsavPower cutter
Compact and lightweight cutter with powerful engine. Power input 1,650 W. Rpm. 4.600 min-1. Blade diameter 255 mm. Weight 11 kg. Cuts up to 165 mm by 50 mm topic posts Contact rent department

rent-makita-rundsavCircular saw, Makita
A strong and compact circular saw. Power input: 1400 W. Blade Diameter: 190 mm. Cutting depth: 0-67 mm. Weight: 4.0 kg. With built-in LED lights and engine brake – Contact rent department

rent-makita_hm1810-mejselMakita Demolition Hammer, Kango Hammer, Chisel Hammer
Demolishing goes easy with this handy yet powerful machine. Very powerful breaker / Kangohammer / Impact Hammer, to break up foundations, floors, reinforced concrete walls, pavements, asphalt, etc.- Contact rent department

rent-stavvibratorRabbit Stick Vibrator
Indispensable if you want to avoid air bubbles in concreteContact rent department

rent-mixerConcrete mixer 130 litre
Quick and quiet mixer, compulsory mixer, concrete mixer – ideal for smaller jobs and self-builders. Powerful 600 watt motor for 230 volts Contact rent department

rent-ut1600Forced Mixer, hand model
It is quite surprising easy and effective to use. Also for bigger tasks – Contact rent department

rent-soldaterFormwork supports / pipe supports
You can not use too many formwork supports / pipe supports / soldiers to support! Adjustable Height 180-300cm. weight 8,3kg- Contact rent department

rent-dykpumpeSubmersible pump, Makita
Makita submersible pump. Super good for rainwater tanks, rain barrels, garden irrigation, ditches, flooding, mud wells, reservoirs, garden ponds, swimming pools, wells, shafts and basements. With Auto-reset function and adjustable float switch – Contact rent department

rent-paleborAuger, electric
Electric one-man auger, which makes it easy to drill holes for fence posts and the like. Staked / auger / augers for fast setup of fencing poles, posts, fences, etc. Also good help when making holes for example. rain wells Contact rent department


Auger, manual

Effective pile drill that can quickly help you to make holes for fence posts, cold beer! and the like. Contact rent department


rent-makita_hoejtryksrensePressure washer, Makita
Makita pressure washer with metal pistol, rubber steel hose and built in hose reel with locking mechanism. Quick connection for accessories and hose. Spray with nozzle setting and detergent tank Contact rent department

rent-laser2Distance Meter, Makita
Handy rangefinder to measure lengths, areas and volumes. Transparent display with lighting. Features: Distance measurement, addition, subtraction, area, volume, Pythagoras, memory and timer. Measuring range 0.05 – 50m. Measuring accuracy +/- 2.0mm (at 10 meters) Contact rent department

rent-laserSelf-leveling laser, Makita
Self-leveling and cross line laser is accurate to ± 0.3 mm of leveling applications. Self-leveling range ± 4 degrees. Range of 15m. 3 kinds of projection: Cross, vertical, horizontal Contact rent department

rent-motorsavChainsaw, Makita
Makita chainsaw with electronic ignition and immediately start system. Double-acting chain brake and automatic chain lubrication. Powerful and professional chainsaw with great strength. Motor 2-tariff petrol Contact rent department

Concrete Planer
Makita Concrete Planer. Perfect for deburring, chamfer and grinding of uneven concrete. Large base plate for safe control of the machine. Constant electronics and soft start. Weight: 4 kgContact rent department

rent-rillefraserWalls groove cutter
Makita walls groove cutter for use in the installation of plumbing or electrical installations in the wall or floor, murrilleskæreren is fitted with soft motor start-up, ensuring that the power grid is not overloaded. The machine interrupts automatically when overloaded. Green / red LED indication of optimum speed. Weight 2.6 kg. Contact rent department

Makita router. Exactly cutter with 2-column lead. Revolver fence in 3 positions. Ø 8 mm tool setup. Ergonomic handle for comfortable operation. Can be placed on the head by retooling. Weight 2.6 kgContact rent department

rent-polermaskinePolisher, 230V
Great machine for all types of car polishing. A solid durable machine. Makita polishing machine distinguishes itself by being reliable and does not heat up, even by prolonged stress. Professional grinding / Polishers and Sanders for surface-processing of lacquers, wood, metal, natural stone and of course the car paint. Contact rent department

rent-stovsugerIndustrial vacuum cleaner
Makita industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and dry use. Infinitely variable suction power. Sturdy container in the steel. Power input: 1.050 W Container volume (wet / dry): 27/32 L. Weight: 14.5 kgContact rent department

rent-varmepistolHeat Gun
Makita heat gun, 230V, with LCD display that provides optimal control of temperature and airflow. Thermostatic overheating protection. Handy and ergonomic with rubber grip. Used to dry, thaw and remove old varnish. Temperature: 80 ° – 650 °. Weight: 630 g – Contact rent department

rent-sompistolDrum nailer
Makita high pressure drum nailer. Nail dimension length: 25-50 mm. Depth adjustment up to 6 mm. Type of nail: 1.6 to 2.1 mm (mx). Working pressure: 9.8 to 22.6 bar. Weight: 1.3 kgContact rent department

rent-fliseskareTile cutter, wet and dry
Tile cutter with 200 mm diameter blade – and extra long cutting length. Option to tilt the blade and cut bevel. At the same time considering tile cutter is not more than 38 kg and has removable legs so it is easy to transport. Equipped with a water bath and pump so that it can be used for both wet cutting and dry cuttingContact rent department

rent-gipshejsGypsum hoist
Gypsum hoist, gypsum board set, plate promises. Your friend when the placing of plaster ceilings. Rent this quality plaster ads at Spain’s cheapest price Contact rent department

rent-sakkevognSteps Sack truck
Your friend when you need to move. Cardboard boxes and boxes transported easily up and down stairs Contact rent department

rent-sakkevogn-elSteps Sack truck, electric
Your best friend when you need to move. Cardboard boxes and boxes transported easily up and down stairsContact rent department

rent-varktojBricklayers toolbox
Are you starting to walls, the professional bricklayer some tools that make it all much easier. For example, the spot trowel, heavy buckets, wall hammer etc. Also possible to rent each tool separately.Contact rent department

The carpenter’s toolbox
Should you start with woodworking, the professional carpenter tools that makes it all much easier. For example, the right chisel, professional wire cutters, etc. Also possible to rent each tool separately. – Contact rent department

Electrician’s toolbox
Should you started with electricity, the professional electrician tools that makes it all much easier. For example pliers for stripping the wires, the right screwdrivers, etc. Also possible to rent each tool separately.- Contact rent department

rent-kabelExtension Cable 25 meters
Super quality. Extension cable 25 meters. 3 x 2.5 mm2 fitted with CEE plug and CEE angle plug with socket. Also available with standard connectors – Contact rent department

rent-spot2Spots, 120 and 500 W
Rental of spots. For the workplace, garden party, wedding, etc. Super quality. Get lit, just what you want. Can be mounted with plain steel wire in such a tree, etc., Or you can mount them on a cell tower / rack. The price is the same whether you choose 120 W spot, or 500 W spot. – Contact rent department

rent-spot-stativStand for spotlights
Super quality. Get lit, just what you want. Spots easily mounted on this stand. Spotlights mounted quickly and efficiently. Can be used outdoors. – Contact rent department

rent-affugterDehumidifierSuper quality. A powerful dehumidifier. Can be used anywhere there is moisture, water condenses on cool wall surfaces. Water in the bathroom, toilets and other areasContact rent department

rent-varmeblaeser-02Heat Gun / Professional heater
Professional heater in trendy design with two effects: 1500W and 3000W. The fan heater has built-in thermostat that maintains the desired temperature. Made of metal casing with protection against overheating. Stylish and solid fan heater with fanContact rent department

Heat Gun / Professional heater
Professional heater with two power stages. The fan heater is IP24 certified, so it can withstand water splashes and has built-in overheat protection. Effect: 1000/2000 W. Dimensions: 20 x 17.5 x 28.5 cm. Contact rent department

rent-varmeblaeser-03Gas heater / Heating fan
Infrared gas oven on wheels with ODS-valve and tip over switch. Dimensions: H. 72 x B. 41 x D. 28 cm. Space for gas cylinder of up to 15 kg. Heating Power Max: 4200 W. Heating Area: 20-60 m². Weight: 10.3 kg. – Contact rent department

rent-varmeblaeser-04Heater Oven / Laser fireplace / Heating fan

Laser Kamin with an advanced electronic combustion system for a completely clean burning and optimal fuel efficiency. The fireplace with the great heat capacity for fast pleasant warmth in the large room. It is thermostatically controlled and hour. Heats room: from 30 to 60 m2. – Contact rent department


Rent a scaffold

Rolling scaffolding 60 x 180 cm 1.8 meters in height. Mobile scaffolds is an aluminum scaffolding on wheels, easy to move around. Mobile scaffolds can be used if you wish to replace or paint the windows to clean or change gutters, etc.

Extendable in height – by adding an additional floor, so the height is 3.6 meters, on two floors 5.4 meters etc. The cross braces inserted to make scaffolding stable. Extendable in width – the scaffold is a scaffold tower, so you can easily push it to where you need it, but you need a longer working than 1.8 meters, erected just an extra scaffolding alongside and the two scaffolding fastened together .

Contact rent department


Rent a ladder

An alternative to a scaffold can be a quality ladder. We have ladders of up to 8 meters. Contact rent department

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