Assistant to your project on the Costa del Sol

If you need a helping hand for practical work then please contact us. We have people who can help, for example. with your construction project, or be a helping hand for a relocation or cleanup. Just ask if you need a helping hand. We can help with all kinds of crafts and practical work. If you need any help, please contact us. If we can not fix it ourselves, we can probably point you in the direction of the solution. All practical work is carried out.

Practical work - we love it


ordre service

Ordre service

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Your service partner on the Costa del Sol

All kinds of crafts and practical chores
Large as small. We will be happy to help. We are your Costa del Sol service partner, whom you can always contact when something is to be arranged. We have the staff to handle the vast majority of tasks. Therefore, you can be sure we can solve all your challenges quickly, professionally and with a smile.

Service on the Costa del Sol
24.7. All weekdays and holidays.

Why use our team?
Our employees deliver quality, arrive at agreed time and get the work done as agreed. This can be done through comprehensive quality control, ensuring that our staff actually do exactly what you order and expect. That Spanish workers sometimes have the reputation of the opposite – to perform the work as they think, rather than what the customer actually ordered and paid for! – is often due to differences in language and culture. We would like to help you, we speak English and Spanish – and are your guarantee that expectations, requirements and wishes for work are met.


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