We have the equipment, crew and experience. Demolition can be easy, but you know what you’re doing. Permanent structures must be braced before degradation, sewers must be ensured so that rats do not suddenly spawn, water pipes and electricity to be shut down before demolition etc. We can help with that demolition be done safely, securely, and that respects the environment and neighbors.

– All demolition offered, large and small

Sorting and recycling – It is expensive to get rid of waste after demolition. So there is common sense to recycle as much as possible. It is also the best for the environment. By sorting correctly, made possible maximum recycling of materials, minimizing waste and your costs for disposal.

End – We dispose of all the debris, concrete, iron, steel, plastic, etc. In connection with the demolition, we can ensure the dismantling and demolition of interior furniture, flooring, ceiling, light wall constructions, electricity, pipes and ventilation etc.

Cleanup – We leave the terrain cleared, cleaned and leveled, ready for new use. It goes without saying for us to clean up inside and outside.

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