All types of cleaning on the Costa del Sol

Just leave your cleaning to us. And you can rest assured that your home is tip top cleaned. If you have a Spanish holiday home, you surely know about the challenges of getting the cleaning carried out as you wish! We do the cleaning, so that it fully meets your expectations.

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Your service partner on the Costa del Sol

All kinds of crafts and practical chores
Large as small. We will be happy to help. We are your Costa del Sol service partner, whom you can always contact when something is to be arranged. We have the staff to handle the vast majority of tasks. Therefore, you can be sure we can solve all your challenges quickly, professionally and with a smile.

Service on the Costa del Sol
24.7. All weekdays and holidays.

Why use our team?
Our employees deliver quality, arrive at agreed time and get the work done as agreed. This can be done through comprehensive quality control, ensuring that our staff actually do exactly what you order and expect. That Spanish workers sometimes have the reputation of the opposite – to perform the work as they think, rather than what the customer actually ordered and paid for! – is often due to differences in language and culture. We would like to help you, we speak English and Spanish – and are your guarantee that expectations, requirements and wishes for work are met.


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Frequently asked
questions (FAQ)

Do I pay for driving on and off?
It’s quite free. You will only be billed for the hours used for cleaning.

Covering the entire Costa del Sol?
Yes, cleaning is offered in all homes, companies, etc. located on the Costa del Sol.

What about the key to my home?
Many of our customers choose to set up a key box. An agreement can also be made for the delivery of a fixed key or handing out a key from a location near your home.

Do I get a receipt?
Of course. You can deduct expenses for cleaning from if you rent your property, or the place is used for business purposes.

Will it be properly clean?
Yes. You get exactly what you pay for. An agreement is made which describes in detail what and how – down to the smallest details. That way, you know exactly what to expect.

How do you ensure that the quality is maintained?
We have an inspection team that regularly checks whether standards are met.

Do you also offer washing of bed linen, towels and the like?
Yes, also the washing of miscellaneous is offered. Laundry can be hung to dry or it can be agreed that we return when dry and make sure the laundry is stretched and put into place. If you have more sets (towels, bed linen etc.), we can also take the laundry with and deliver it freshly washed and sprinkled with the next cleaning.

What language do your cleaning people speak?
All our employees are Spanish citizens. They speak Spanish and rarely other languages. But do you need cleaning aid that speaks certain languages, it can also be arranged.

When are you open?
Our cleaning service is open 24/7.

Cleaning of rental accommodation:

Can you also read the electricity meter?
Yes. When we are visiting, we can also help with other practical things such as. to read the electricity meter and send this reading to you per SMS.

Can you also check if something is missing?
Yes. When we are visiting, we can also help with other practical things such as. to check if something has broken or whether there are the number of towels that are expected to be.

Can you also empty the mailbox?
Yes, we can take photos of mail you have received and send these photos to you per. SMS or email.

Can you also make sure that the property is presently?
Yes. If you complement us with photos of how you want the property to be presented, we make sure it looks like when you / your guests arrive. And you can be sure that the pillows are as you wish the beds are ready as you like it, etc.

Can you train my own cleaners to clean properly?
It is our experience that it is a very big challenge to get Spanish service people to do something in a certain way. Especially if the method is unfamiliar to them. Using a vacuum cleaner, for example, is not a favorite of many Spanish cleaning people, who usually prefer a diet and a bucket of soapy water. We can teach your people how cleaning should be done, but can of course not be a guarantee that afterwards the cleaning is actually carried out after the conditions.

Can you hire cleaning people I know?
Yes, we can for sure. Write to us and tell us about the person, contact information and why you recommend him. Thanks in advance.

Can I keep my cleaning aid after hiring with you?
Yes. If we hire your cleaning lady / man, it is our responsibility that the cleaning meets the agreed quality. You will no longer have to worry about bad and inadequate cleaning. We care for our employees. Our staff are covered by Spanish health insurance and receive their salary incl. all Spanish legal requirements for tax, social security contributions, etc.

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